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Do Dental Implants Stain like Natural Teeth

Posted on 12/10/2021 by Dallas Oral Surgery Associates
Do Dental Implants Stain like Natural TeethOnce you receive dental implants, the lasting thing you want to see is that your new, great-looking smile loses its luster. Many patients who get implants wonder whether they stain like natural teeth. Dental implants tend to resist stains. While your natural teeth can be discolored after pigments penetrate through the enamel or when a worn tooth surface allows the underlying yellow dentin to be more visible, with dental implants, things are a bit different. Dental implants do not have dentin or enamel, meaning they do not get discolored the same way as natural teeth. The restorations of dental implants are made out of quality porcelain, which is considered nonporous, so it does not absorb pigments.

How Dental Implants Stain

Unfortunately, dental implants are not impervious to discoloration. These restorations can stain if the glaze on them becomes scratched or damaged. If this happens, it causes them to appear dull and stained. Besides, pigments can collect in scratches causing an unsightly look. Restorations that are cemented into place instead of being screwed into place can allow the cement to be discolored over time, hence affecting the look of the restorations. Moreover, the dark color of dental implants may show through your gum tissue. You can avoid this by seeking a high experience oral surgeon for the placement of your implants.

How to Prevent Implant Discoloration

To help reduce the risk of your implant restoration discoloring, you should avoid abrasive toothpastes because they can scratch the restorations. Instead, use gentle toothpaste. Also, reduce the consumption of staining beverages and foods or consider using a straw for drinking dark beverages. Avoiding tobacco and keeping up with your oral hygiene regimen also helps reduce the staining of implants. To receive dental implants and learn more about implant staining and how to prevent it, visit our oral & maxillofacial office. We can also help reglaze your restorations, replace stained ones, or replace discolored cement.

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