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Are Dental Implants Affordable
Plano, TX

Image of a dental implant placement, at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates in Plano, TX. Dental implants are the leading solution after an extraction or tooth loss. Some varieties of prosthetics can replace more than one missing tooth. The principal benefit of implants is they are the most effective treatment for addressing the effects of tooth loss and gum inflammation.

But are dental implants affordable? The simple answer is that prosthetics are much more expensive than conventional dental restorations. Depending on several variables, the price may range from $3,000 to tens of thousands of dollars. However, dental implants are a permanent restoration, and can last a lifetime, so they are worth the cost in the long run!

When you visit Dallas Oral Surgery Associates, our dental specialists will guide you through the process. We can discuss affordable options and the procedure's benefits for your situation. Our team will integrate your preferences before crafting treatment modalities with outstanding outcomes.

History of Dental Implants

Dental implants are prosthetics whose mechanics and aesthetics are indistinguishable from natural teeth. One distinct feature of implants is they anchor the crown through a screw-like device. The artificial root utilizes materials that trigger biological reactions, which fuse the device with the underlying bone.

Archeological evidence indicates Mayans and Ancient Egyptians had similar prosthetics for missing teeth thousands of years ago. The first implants were subperiosteal, meaning the device was anchored over the gumline tissue. Years of research would uncover the effect of inserting titanium into the jawbone.

The use of a screw-like design resulted from studies on the artificial root. The screw’s ridges provide an area for the jawbone to expand into the implant. The fusion offers a stable base to support the artificial tooth.

Statistics show implant procedures rising in number over the last two decades. The history of dental implants suggests a higher demand for treatments in the coming decade. It is crucial to explore the effects of tooth loss and the cost of the process before choosing implants.

Common Dental Implant FAQs

Many patients ask us similar questions regarding implants. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding tooth replacements and dental implants.

Why Do You Need Implants?

Our specialists may recommend implants after losing a tooth. Some varieties can address multiple missing teeth by connecting the prosthetic to a bridge-like dental appliance. The procedure aims to prevent several dental health complications that arise from the emerging tooth gap.

One of the problems an implant can prevent is the movement of teeth. The opening between teeth may allow the remaining teeth to shift out of place. It may evolve into teeth misalignments and complicate the dental implant procedure.

If your teeth are out of place, you may require braces to correct the malocclusions. When the teeth are out of alignment, they may cause friction and erode the enamel. The damaged tooth may progress to tooth decay and gum inflammation.

Another problem with missing a tooth is the erosion of the bone tissue. The jawbone begins to lose density considerably 12 months after your tooth extraction. The bone requires stimulation from the tooth’s root to maintain its integrity.

The impact on the jawbone’s integrity can affect your physical appearance. It modifies facial structures, making your jaw and cheeks look sunken. The changes can impact your self-esteem and mental health. A timely implant can limit the extent of the damage to your oral health and confidence.

How Long Can Dental Implants Last?

As with other dental prosthetics, implants will require proper care. They can last a lifetime if you observe good dental hygiene by flossing and brushing your teeth daily.

The crown is also part of the implant that sits on the artificial root to mimic the appearance of your tooth. Crowns are fabricated from durable materials like porcelain, ceramic, and zirconia. The artificial tooth can change color after some time, depending on the material. You can expect the crown to last for two decades. Porcelain and ceramic are popular choices since they balance durability and aesthetics.

How Much Does the Implant Procedure Cost?

The cost of an implant procedure may vary depending on several variables that influence the process. One of the principal factors is your oral health status. The degree of bone deterioration and the number of teeth that require replacement could raise medical expenses.

A bone graft is necessary when the jawbone weakens and cannot support the tooth. The procedure aims to restore the density of the underlying teeth to create a stable base for the implant. It may take several months to heal, which requires you to attend follow-up sessions to monitor your progress.

The dental implant costs excluding bone grafting, start from $3,000 and may rise to over $6,000. For replacing multiple teeth with implant-supported overdentures, the procedure is between $15,000 to $30,000. The materials and process can also influence the final costs.

For example, zygomatic implants are more expensive than conventional prosthetic alternatives. They apply a unique surgical process to address bone erosion. The cost is higher because they require more time and skill to place them correctly.

The procedure may incur additional expenses for routine diagnostic checks and follow-up visits. The costs may range from $300 to $1,000. Our team can break down the costs and explain every step of the process.

Will My Insurance Cover Dental Implant Costs?

You can cover the cost of the implant procedure with insurance, but the coverage will depend on your policy. Health policies usually cover restorative dental procedures like dental implants. But you can expect the insurance to cover only part of the procedure.

Most policies will recognize parts of the procedure, such as tooth extraction and half the amount for placing the implant. But they may not cover grafting, even though it is not a cosmetic process. Consider reviewing the terms of your policy to establish what your policy includes for the dental implant process.

Are Dental Implants Worth the Cost?

Although implants are more expensive than most alternative dental prosthetics, they are the best choice to secure long-term oral health. Even procedures like bone grafting, which increases costs, are critical for preventing future dental problems.

If you have lost teeth after an extraction or accident, you can rely on Dallas Oral Surgery Associates for the best outcomes. Call our friendly staff at 972-733-0414 to talk about how dental care is affordable and book a dental implant consultation with our expert team today.

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When you visit Dallas Oral Surgery Associates, our dental specialists will assist you. We can discuss affordable implant options and the procedure's benefits.
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