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Dental Trauma
Plano, TX

in action football players before visiting Dallas Oral Surgery Associates in Plano, TX 75093-4697<br title='b11'>Here at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates, we know that dental trauma is a common occurrence. We provide a whole host of treatment options and procedures that will help address, alleviate, and resolve dental pain, discomfort, or damage caused by it.

What is Dental Trauma

Dental trauma is a broad term that covers any individual injury or combination of injuries to areas of the mouth. It could be trauma to the teeth or the gums (periodontium). Alternatively, to the tissue that connects the tooth to the jawbone (periodontal ligament) or to the bone that surrounds each tooth (alveolar bone). It's also a term used for injury to soft tissues near the teeth such as the lips, tongue, and cheeks.

Young children experience more dental trauma than any other age group. Most of their injuries will occur as they learn how to walk. They'll also happen when they have a combination of temporary (deciduous/milk) and permanent teeth.

Injuries from dental trauma happen more in summer than they do in winter. After children, they are more common in women and those in the military. People who participate in sports with more physical contact like football, hockey, rugby, basketball, and skating are also at higher risk.

Common Causes of Dental Trauma

Physical trauma is the most common form of dental trauma. These types of injury include auto accidents and falls. It can also be the result of different sporting activities. Poor dental habits can cause cavities to make teeth more prone to injury. Chewing or biting down on hard objects can also cause damage to teeth.

Common Types of Dental Trauma

Trauma to the teeth can result in fractures. These can either be simple or severe. A simple one is when the outer layer of the tooth known as the enamel and the substance that lies beneath its outer layer called the dentin chip off. Severe fractures are when the crown (top part of the tooth) and the root (bottom portion of the tooth) break. Dental trauma can also result in the loss of one or more teeth. This is called a dental avulsion. Incisors are the most common tooth children lose due to dental trauma.

Treatment Options for Dental Trauma

As traumatic dental injuries have multiple causes, they also have many available treatment options. Choosing the right treatment option is essential. It has a direct bearing on how or if the affected tooth or teeth will heal. Treatment options include fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers, or implants, among others.

Prompt treatment improves the likelihood that the tooth may be saved. This depends on the type of damage, of course. These can include pulpal necrosis, a condition where the tissue in the root canal decays and dies. Pulpal obliteration is a condition that causes yellow tooth discoloration. Untreated dental trauma to temporary teeth can also cause damage to the permanent (successor) teeth.

So call us as soon as possible after a dental injury occurs. Failure to address dental trauma early may result in additional complications. We can help answer any questions about dental trauma and treatment options. Call Dallas Oral Surgery Associates at 972-733-0414 today for a digital x-ray.

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Dental Trauma | Plano, TX | Dallas Oral Surgery Associates
Here at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates, we know that dental trauma is a common occurrence. We provide a whole host of treatment options and procedures that will help alleviate dental pain.
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