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Platelet Rich Plasma

Illustration of a test tube filled with bloodThe experts at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates will sometimes use the platelet rich plasma procedure. In regards to tissue regeneration after procedures, platelet rich plasma is a technology that accelerates the patient’s recovery after surgery.

To understand how this works, we first need to identify the three main components of blood, being plasma, platelets, and blood cells, both white and red. The platelets are the smallest of the three and generally have a lifespan of seven to ten days. Within these tiny components are granules that contain within them both growth and clotting factors, making them ideal for use in dental recovery after implantation. These factors are released upon the realization of tissue damage and cause inflammation, which encourages the healing process.

The platelet rich plasma used in dental implant work can contain as much as four times the platelets than regular human blood. This can be utilized by way of injection so that the platelet rich plasma is applied directly to the damaged tissue from surgery to begin the healing process quickly and reduce recovery time drastically.

Platelet rich plasma has been present in medical procedures since the 1980s when it was used in cardiac surgeries. By the early 2000s, it had progressed to sports medicine and orthopedics. Nowadays, platelet rich plasma has advanced through to the dental, dermatology, and cosmetic surgery scenes. Its benefits have become well known, especially for the reduction of scarring and hasty wound healing following all manner of surgeries.

In our offices, platelet rich plasma is primarily used in bone augmentation procedures where patients may not have enough bone for implant placement. When used, it can replace lost bone volume and result in extremely successful implant treatment. It is also effective of course in encouraging tissue regeneration in other procedures.

A Safe Procedure

The platelet rich plasma used is taken from the patients’ blood and constructed in a centrifuge machine. It can be created in as little as fifteen minutes and is ready to use immediately. For the most part, the addition of other chemicals or additives is avoided. The purpose of taking the plasma from the patients’ blood is that it will be very unlikely that an allergic reaction or immune response will occur and the risk for infection is also minimal.

It is the most natural form of tissue and bone recovery available at the present point in time for dental procedures, which is a huge benefit for our patients. It helps the body to heal faster and more effectively; it is also able to be generated on site. There seem to be no cons associated with this healing method, and it is also very cost effective.

Most importantly, it is very safe as it is a product of the patients’ blood. This means the risk associated with adding various chemicals and other additives to the body for healing does not apply. To learn more about platelet rich plasma, call the experienced professionals here at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates at 972-733-0414 today!
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