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Who Is a Candidate for Dental Implants
Plano, TX

Image of a dental implant at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates in Plano, TX. Even though you may have done research on dental implants, you could still be wondering if you are actually qualified to get them. In many cases, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, but high chances are you will fit the bill.

Untreated loss of a single or multiple teeth will often interrupt how you look and the overall chewing ability that will affects your confidence. Dental implants are natural looking as well as a permanent way that you can replace missing teeth.

Many patients have chosen this strategy as one of the best ways to restore their smile. The use of dental implants is not actually for everyone. Visiting your dentist at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates will help you know if you qualify to carry out the procedure or not.

The Main Requirements for a Dental Implant

One must have a healthy, strong jawbone, as well as gums, for a dental implant to be a viable option. In case a person may have suffered bone loss that may be caused by the absence of a tooth, or suffered an oral problem such as gingivitis, a dental implant would be suitable only if the patient undergoes bone grafting.

Missing or Chipped Teeth

One of the signs to help you know you will need a dental implant is if you have missing teeth. Once teeth are replaced through a single tooth implant procedure, no one will notice the difference. This is one of the most durable tooth replacement options available in modern dental procedures. In many cases, missing teeth will affect how a person chews, talks, smiles, or even drinks. Moreover, missing teeth result in risks of recurring headaches as well as infections.

Dentures Not Fitting Appropriately

In case dentures are not fitting in the right manner, there may be pain and discomfort. Having a dental implant provides a better and more secure option, as they function like normal teeth. If you experience pain due to ill-fitting dentures, it is time that you consider dental implants. It will solve gum irritation as well as make you more comfortable as you carry out daily activities. Check out Dental Implant FAQ.

Signs of an Infection

Tooth infection may result from periodontal diseases, injuries, or even other causes. If the infection gets worse, having a single tooth implant would be a great option. Other times, the infection may have damaged the integrity of a tooth and the only way that can be relieved is by having a dental implant. The implant will save the patient from having more complications due to untreated infections.

Jawbone Deterioration

At times one may be missing teeth for quite some time due to an accident or even infection. This results in the jawbone deteriorating and receding. A dental implant procedure at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates would actually work best in this case. It replaces the tooth structure and ensures that further recession stops. Over time the dental implant procedure will stabilize the jaw and ensure that it is strengthened.

Over the years, the history of dental implants has modernized how dental practitioners approach the procedure. The state-of-the-art technology ensures that better procedures are undertaken. Contact us at Dallas Oral Surgery Associates at 972-733-0414 to schedule a consultation to find out if you are a candidate for dental implants.

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